Finding Leo

When an errant cockatiel landed in a playground some 10 miles from its home, a grand adventure began for a grandmother and her grandson, leading the next day to a tearful reunion between Leo and his owner. ... Read more >


Ginger Manley is a freelance author of prose but she has also written two—and only two, ever—poems, in the tradition of her mother who penned a rhyme for every family or friend occasion. ... Read more >

Priceless treasure from Goodwill

You never know what may turn up at the Goodwill Outlet store, as Nashville mom, Tara Tolbert recently discovered. Her story of finding a treasure lost and then reunited with another mom is both unexpected and heart-warming. ... Read more >

Sexuality and Aging videos available on YouTube

In conjunction with the release of her new book, Assisted Loving: The Journey through Sexuality and Aging, Manley sat down with Nashville Talk show host, Becky Meagher, to dialogue about information included in the book and in her newspaper column, Assisted Loving. ... Read more >

Turkey and Blessings

© 2009 Ginger Manley
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Count Your Blessings.
             Dec. 24, 1974 was bleak and cold in Elko, Nevada, where I was living with my two small children. My husband was living with friends 300 miles west in Reno, where he was driving a taxicab to try to make ends ... Read more >

Simple Pleasures

© 2006 Ginger Manley
   The cardboard box—particularly one large enough to create a “home” for a child whose imagination can be unleashed with some scissors and markers—has recently been honored by induction into the National Toy Hall of Fame. A summer visit from ... Read more >

The Power of Five

© 2010 Ginger Manley
  On the morning of her fifth birthday, Theresa, my youngest grandchild and only granddaughter, flew from Columbus, Ohio to Nashville on Southwest Airlines. She was exactly 7 hours and 45 minutes old enough to fly unaccompanied when Flight 1616 departed. She arrived in ... Read more >


© 2007 Ginger Manley
One of the joys of getting older-and there are some joys despite the achy, breaky joints and daily new medical woes-is getting dotty. One of my recently departed family members had a corner on “dottiness” before she died, specializing in dramatizing the “dotty ... Read more >

Two Weddings, Four Divorces, and One Marriage

© 2008 Ginger Manley
When I look at the fading photograph of my first wedding, I can still hear the rustle of crepe paper and feel its sharp edges against my five-year-old legs. I am standing in front of the fireplace in the home in which I grew up, with my right arm crooked through the arm of the groom. He ... Read more >

Medical Miracles

© 2008 Ginger Manley
“Grandma, can I hit your knee with my hand?” asked Alexander, as he perched beside me on the green canvas-covered swing seat on our back deck. Most every afternoon about five o’clock, he and Grandpa and I sat down with a mug of tea, or for Grandpa, a glass of wine, and ... Read more >

What Everyone Dies of

© 2010 Ginger Manley
Vanderbilt House Organ. July 2010
While some people may want to go out with a flourish, most of us say we want to die quietly, with dignity. A dignified death usually means not having to experience unreasonable life-saving or life-preserving efforts without our explicit consent. Sometimes our precautions and best-laid ... Read more >

Federal Oversight

© 2008 Ginger Manley
Smith Cemetery 2008. Photograph by Keith Harding, used with permission. If it had been a wild turkey that had taken up roost in the dead upper branches of the tree, then it might have gone almost completely unnoticed. But it wasn’t a wild turkey. It was a bald eagle, and eagles are ... Read more >

Other essays

Manley, GT What Everyone Dies of  Vanderbilt House Organ July 2010. Manley GT Medical Miracles. Vanderbilt House Organ, August, 12-13, , 2008 . Manley GT     Shredding.    Muscadine Lines: a southern journal ... Read more >