Proud Flesh: The Trollops Sisterhood

"You look like a trollop," Trixie's second ex-husband tells her just before the two of them escort their daughter down the aisle. Trixie isn't sure whether that was a compliment or an insult, but as she later confers with cousin Peggy and in-law Joan, Joan says, "I think Frank must have graduated from the Redneck College of Sex to say something like that." As they fly back to Tennessee the next day, they meet celebrity sex-therapist Carroll Murphy on-board and confess to her the overnight formation of their new sorority. "It was all because of dancing that we came to be. It's therapy for a broken heart."

So begins Proud Flesh: The Trollops Sisterhood, Ginger Manley's debut novel about sex, God, and the redemptive power of flat-foot dancing. Written with warmth and humor, this book depicts the life "messes" to which almost everyone who grew up in the second half of the twentieth century can relate.

Proud Flesh will be released April 2016. Trixie blogs at

Trollops dancing