Proud Flesh: The Trollops Sisterhood

Ginger Manley's debut novel, Proud Flesh: The Trollops Sisterhood will be released in April 2016. Trixie, one of the main characters, blogs about it and about life since the story ended at Read more >


Ginger Manley
© 2012
Disarmed is a narrative non-fiction book about Ginger Manley’s almost fifty year relationship with her husband, John, an arm amputee, and with “that damn artificial arm of his.” Told with unflinching truthfulness and respect, but mostly with great humor, Disarmed will change your mind about the definition of disability. What is there to laugh about regarding amputations? Lots, as it turns out. Prepare to have your funny bone tickled, even if you are a normie. Read more >

Disarmed #4 on bestseller list

2015 (c) Ginger Manley
Disarmed: An Exceptional Journey, the story of John and Ginger Manley’s almost fifty year life with his “damn artificial arm” has reached the number 4 position at Parnassus Books in Nashville, one spot ahead of Willie Nelson’s new book. Read more >

Disarmed: An Exceptional Journey book release

2015 (c) Ginger Manley
Ginger Manley’s newest book, Disarmed: An Exceptional Journey, is a gripping memoir of her 48-year marriage to husband John, an arm amputee and former Air Force pilot, a marriage of three entities—“me, him, and that damn artificial arm.” Told with humor and love, this story will inspire all people, armed and disarmed, but mostly you will fall in the floor laughing at the messes that arm has caused. Read more >

Assisted Loving:The Journey through Sexualty and Aging

Ginger Manley has been helping people have more enjoyable and healthier sexual lives for more than thirty-five years. Her newest book— forty-nine dialogues with people between the ages of fifty and ninety-four—is destined for both the bedside and couch side tables of the millions of us who made it through the Sexual Revolution fifty years ago and are determined to also enjoy whatever our options are for sexual expression in our later years. Read more >

Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection

© 2009 Ginger T. Manley
Published by Westview; First edition (November 24, 2009)
Aprons-that most humble of garments-are represented in all walks of life but none more so than in the history of nursing and in the lives of mid-1950's American women. When a trove of vintage domestic aprons from a Tennessee farmhouse turned up in some musty boxes of linens, forty-nine registered nurses adopted them and, inspired by their adopted aprons, created submissions for this book. At about the same time these nurses learned about a humanitarian outreach program, ... Read more >